Blessings and Grace Filled Life of God’s Love Be With You,

I am Father Jerry Kwasek, I am a married Catholic priest of the Catholic Apostolic National Church. Marlyne is my spouse of 42 years. People who participate at Mass may be non-practicing Catholics for a number of reasons.


Be assured you are all welcomed. The spiritual guidance about life situations affecting you is descriptive rather than prescriptive. It means I can tell you what the Church’s teachings are and the scripture, tradition and apostolic leadership or the 50 cent word, “magisterium” to back it up but it will be up to the grace of God and your own free will to make growth steps to love our Blessed Lord as much as I do and hopefully more than myself. My purpose as a priest is to help you become a saint and become spiritually fit and holy. A saint knows that God has made us in His image but we do not get to return the favor.  I would be pleased to walk with you on your path to love God and bring others closer to Him by our example together.

For those who are looking for a tradtional Catholic Church that makes sense in the practical world then I cite Jeremiah: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.”

My favorite bumper sticker on a car I saw once stated: “Jesus! Protect me from your followers.” So true is the saying, because the only bible or encounter with any kind of religion others see may be myself or you. I pray each day and ask for God’s grace to help me and you be His good example.

God Love You,

Fr. Jerome Kwasek

New book from Fr. Jermoe Kwasek:

Jesus Protect Us From Your Followers: “The Catholic Under Pressure from Christians and Non-Christians Alike”

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