A Few Stories About Church Hospitality


There were two brothers who planted a field together.  When it came time to produce the harvest each brother toiled and collected the grain in each of their respective barns.  Each evening when they returned to their individual homes the brothers went out of their way and contemplated upon the well -being of the other.  One brother began to think to himself that his brother would need more of the share of the harvest than himself because he did not have a wife nor children that would take care of him in the later years of his life.  He then reasoned that the most responsible thing to do was to go out in the middle of the night and take a part of his share of the harvest and put it into his brother’s barn. Read more »


A Disciple’s Ministry of Invitation

“Blessed are they who have not seen and have believed.”  Doubt about religious belief is very healthy as long as doubt can lead us to a closer relationship to God.  Healthy doubt requires us to perfect our reason with faith.  Healthy doubt was the doubt of St. Thomas. He wasn’t going to be taken in by all the apparent emotion of the apostles over a supposed resurrected Christ.  Thomas wanted empirical proof of our Blessed Lord’s bodily resurrection. Read more »

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How Do We Avoid Church Decline And Instead Grow Church?


There are 350,000 Churches (the people of God) in the United States of various Christian denominations.  15,000 of them are growing but only 2% or 300 are growing out of active evangelization to grow.  The others are growing out of default: new homes building communities and immigration.  335,000 churches (peoples of God) are in membership decline. Read more »


Godly Fun

We say that someone has a sense of humor when he can see through something.  Take for example if I ask if you heard about the restaurant on the moon that has great food.  (Pause) ….but no atmosphere?   Or if I ask you what the snail said who hitched a ride on a turtle?  He said, “WEEEEE!”  If you are older you would get the humor behind the questions.  However if you were of a kindergarten age you may not get the punch lines to these two jokes. Read more »


How Does the Virgin Birth Make the World A Better Place?


There are four important theological revelations about Mary the mother of Jesus.  She was immaculately conceived, she is the mother of God (Theotokos), she bore God’s son as a virgin while remaining a virgin throughout the rest of her life and Mary was assumed into heaven, bodily. Let’s narrow our discussion on the virgin birth for now and how it affects us in making our world a better place to live.

The Nicene Creed, states that Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary. We are giving some evidence for this to help eliminate a current minimalist view about Mary’s role in our redemption and simultaneously offer another reason why Jesus was more than just a man, or carpenter’s son, or religious leader like any other of the world’s founding religious leaders. The short answer is that if Jesus is like any other founding religious leader today we would be still in need of a savior and as St. Paul stated we are still dead to our sins and to be most pitied. Read more »

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Crayons Can Take Us To More Places Than Any Space Ship

I have been enamored of late looking at the space ship photos of the demoted planet, Pluto.  Admittedly just getting to Pluto is a remarkable feat for our NASA space program. However as a kid I had already landed on Pluto, Mars and Venus with my box of crayons and manila construction paper.  I even met a couple of Martians where I landed. Read more »


There Are Cheap Seats In Heaven


We know that there are cheap seats in heaven because in the Gospel Jesus says that John the Baptist is the greatest among men.  The cheap seats are usually in the nose bleed section of a concert. Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” Matthew 11:11. Read more »


Gay Marriage and Why Priests Should Marry

Can gays be married and should priests be allowed to marry now? Seems like two different topics that have nothing to do with each other. However both topics have one thing in common. We have been talking about these topics for gays and priests for decades in the news media, print broadcasts and on line. There has been a drum beat for the rights of individuals to marry whether they are religious or secular. Read more »

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Discretion and Discrimination

Recently, a couple of state legislatures passed laws to protect religious freedom of expression from the incursion of government social legislation.  The fear about the law was it would allow religious people to discriminate and not provide services to people whose lifestyle these religious people did not agree with. In another incident, on a major airlines, a religious man would not sit next to a woman that was not his wife.  The incident caused enough stir to make the national news media.

Read more »

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Righteous Anger, Street Riots and St. Thomas Aquinas

A Time Magazine has on its front cover a black and white photo of racial rioting in the streets 1968 crossed off and 2015 written just below the caption. The magazine implies that not much has changed in human relations since then.  Read more »

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