Crayons Can Take Us To More Places Than Any Space Ship

I have been enamored of late looking at the space ship photos of the demoted planet, Pluto.  Admittedly just getting to Pluto is a remarkable feat for our NASA space program. However as a kid I had already landed on Pluto, Mars and Venus with my box of crayons and manila construction paper.  I even met a couple of Martians where I landed. Read more »


There Are Cheap Seats In Heaven


We know that there are cheap seats in heaven because in the Gospel Jesus says that John the Baptist is the greatest among men.  The cheap seats are usually in the nose bleed section of a concert. Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” Matthew 11:11. Read more »


Gay Marriage and Why Priests Should Marry

Can gays be married and should priests be allowed to marry now? Seems like two different topics that have nothing to do with each other. However both topics have one thing in common. We have been talking about these topics for gays and priests for decades in the news media, print broadcasts and on line. There has been a drum beat for the rights of individuals to marry whether they are religious or secular. Read more »

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Discretion and Discrimination

Recently, a couple of state legislatures passed laws to protect religious freedom of expression from the incursion of government social legislation.  The fear about the law was it would allow religious people to discriminate and not provide services to people whose lifestyle these religious people did not agree with. In another incident, on a major airlines, a religious man would not sit next to a woman that was not his wife.  The incident caused enough stir to make the national news media.

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Righteous Anger, Street Riots and St. Thomas Aquinas

A Time Magazine has on its front cover a black and white photo of racial rioting in the streets 1968 crossed off and 2015 written just below the caption. The magazine implies that not much has changed in human relations since then.  Read more »

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How is Putting the Mind of Christ the Way to Sanity?

Some will say that religion is a personal and private thing.  When religion is relegated as such then how do we know the real mind of Christ?  There are around eight billion people on the planet with their own take on religion or non-religion.  Are there eight billion separate truths and insights into the religious mind of Jesus Christ?

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The Real Christmas Gift and The Life Changing News Years Resolution Is the Love of God


I was reading in a child’s catechism 4th grade book” Living for God” by Fr. W.R. Kelly and Sister Mary Imelda, S.L. that the apostles loved Jesus so much that they wanted to learn more about God.

I was curious where the love of God came from.  Read more »


What is Odd About Frequent Confession to a Catholic Priest?


Some people outside of the Catholic faith look at how odd it is for confession of their sins to a priest. They will posit, Mat. 6:6, that they can go to a secret place and pray for forgiveness from God directly. Why confess to an intermediary priest? A believing Catholic may wonder why go to confession frequently?

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How to Obtain More Blessings


Is there anything we can do to encourage the more frequent occurrence of blessings from God for ourselves and others? I have been curious if the source of blessings is freely given to unsuspecting souls or only the privileged few? In other words does God have favorites and therefore bestows his physical blessings like health, money, family and friends and spiritual blessings such as the virtues of joy, love, beauty and tranquility to mention a few.


The word, “blessings” come from an old English word which means, that God will find favor with you. To be favored by God is to be set aside.  To be set aside in the eyes of God is to be holy.  When someone is holy he is said to have his attention focused on God. Everything he does for himself and for others is influenced by God’s influence. Read more »

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A priest was hearing confessions during the children’s confession period and one little boy walked in and said Bless Me Father for I have sinned.  He recited his various sins and then siad that he threw peanuts in the well.  Another boy came into the confessional and said his various sins and then concluded that he also threw peanuts in the well.  After a few more boys all confessing to have thrown peanuts in the well.  Another boy came into the confessional and the priest stop him right there and then and asked him if he threw peanuts in the well.  The boy replied, “Why no Father, I am Peanuts!”

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