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How is Putting On the Mind of Christ the Way to Sanity?

Some will say that religion is a personal and private thing.  When religion is relegated as such then how do we know the real mind of Christ?  There [..]


The Real Christmas Gift and The Life Changing News Years Resolution Is the Love of God

  I was reading in a child’s catechism 4th grade book” Living for God” by Fr. W.R. Kelly and Sister Mary Imelda, S.L. that the apostles loved Jesus [..]


What is Odd About Frequent Confession to a Catholic Priest?

  Some people outside of the Catholic faith look at how odd it is for confession of their sins to a priest. They will posit, Mat. 6:6, that [..]


How to Obtain More Blessings

  Is there anything we can do to encourage the more frequent occurrence of blessings from God for ourselves and others? I have been curious if the source [..]

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A priest was hearing confessions during the children’s confession period and one little boy walked in and said Bless Me Father for I have sinned.  He recited his [..]

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Mission Vocation Adversity and Joy

“We are as happy as we make up our minds to be.”  (Abraham Lincoln) .  It’s Presidents weekend.  Really great men are not born great but through time [..]


Getting Over the Past and Bringing In The New

The scene is a man on a cross.  He is flanked by two other men on their crosses.  One chides the man on the cross that if he [..]


How to Stop Worrying About the People and the World We Love

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.  Phillippians 4:13.  There was a seminary student studying the Book of Revelation

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Causes of Love

We have said that we must have life, truth and love. Without life we cannot seek truth but truth is not enough we want love.  We know that [..]


God is A Competitor For Our Whole Mind Body and Soul

Do you ever get the feeling that God wants to vie for your time and your money?  There is this divine invasion a presence per se pressing on [..]