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A Few Stories About Church Hospitality

  There were two brothers who planted a field together.  When it came time to produce the harvest each brother toiled and collected the grain in each of [..]


How Do We Avoid Church Decline And Instead Grow Church?

  There are 350,000 Churches (the people of God) in the United States of various Christian denominations.  15,000 of them are growing but only 2% or 300 are [..]


Godly Fun

We say that someone has a sense of humor when he can see through something.  Take for example if I ask if you heard about the restaurant on [..]


Crayons Can Take Us To More Places Than Any Space Ship

I have been enamored of late looking at the space ship photos of the demoted planet, Pluto.  Admittedly just getting to Pluto is a remarkable feat for our [..]


There Are Cheap Seats In Heaven

  We know that there are cheap seats in heaven because in the Gospel Jesus says that John the Baptist is the greatest among men.  The cheap seats [..]


How is Putting On the Mind of Christ the Way to Sanity?

Some will say that religion is a personal and private thing.  When religion is relegated as such then how do we know the real mind of Christ?  There [..]


The Real Christmas Gift and The Life Changing News Years Resolution Is the Love of God

  I was reading in a child’s catechism 4th grade book” Living for God” by Fr. W.R. Kelly and Sister Mary Imelda, S.L. that the apostles loved Jesus [..]


What is Odd About Frequent Confession to a Catholic Priest?

  Some people outside of the Catholic faith look at how odd it is for confession of their sins to a priest. They will posit, Mat. 6:6, that [..]



A priest was hearing confessions during the children’s confession period and one little boy walked in and said Bless Me Father for I have sinned.  He recited his [..]

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Mission Vocation Adversity and Joy

“We are as happy as we make up our minds to be.”  (Abraham Lincoln) .  It’s Presidents weekend.  Really great men are not born great but through time [..]