What Is God Like

Is he sitting on a throne with a score card?  Or do you see him as a benevolent grandfather who is indifferent to what we do or say?  Either way if see God this way we cannot understand  why worship Him or how can God be good if he does not let us do as we please.

So why worship God?  Any one of worth for the word worship is a contraction of “worth-ship,” is worthy of our acknowledgement.  If you do not worship God who is the life of all living then who do you worship?  The creation, mother nature, family, friends, society or our political constructs?  It would be like admiring the painting over the painter would it not?

God is not perfected by our worship but we are perfected for worshiping God.  Justice requires it. Which is of more value to the beloved a boy or girl who makes a gift to their parents or the company bonus check for doing a good job?

Worship is our opportunity to express devotion, dependence, and love and in doing that you make yourself happy. A lover does not give gifts to the beloved because she is poor; he gives gifts because she is already in his eyes possessed of all gifts. The more he loves , the poorer he thinks his gifts are.

Worship then is our perfection, not God’s.  God loves us because He put some of His love in us. God does not love us because we are valuable; we are valuable because He loves us.  He needs us only because we need him.  Without him we are imperfect but without us he is perfect.  God is he echo that needs the voice but not the voice that needs the echo.

Is God only good when he allows us to do as we please and get what we want?  Be assured God gives us what we need for our perfection.  The prodigal son measured his father’s love by what he wanted from his father.  It was only through the sons recognition returning as a wiser man he merely asked for what he needed.  The thief on the cross wanted to be taken down but the other thief asked for what he needed, paradise.

Sometimes God applies a chisel to our marble and knocks off chuncks of selfishness.  Sometimes God stretches our Violin string so that it will produce the sweetest notes.  So when we are going through sadness and apparent depravity ask yourself, are we not really being blessed by God? God did not make us for his happiness but ours.  To ask God to be satisfied with us as we really are  is to ask God to no longer love us.

Think of the thousands you have met whom you could never love.   You may even wonder how their mothers could love them.  But God does.  He even loves them more.

If you want to know about God, there is only one way to doe:  get down on our knees.  You can make His acquaintance by investigation, but you can  win His love only by loving.  Only by surrendering will you come to know Him intimately.

Without Him we cannot. Without us He will not!

You are infinitely precious because you are loved by God.

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