Men of Chivalry For Christ

Men of Chivalry For Christ (MCC)

Chivalry is Alive in the 21st Century! We are a San Diego County Christian Men’s Group reviewing current issues through the lens of ancient chivalry.

We welcome believers (of any faith) and non-believers alike so Men can work out who we are and more importantly who we should be in modern society!

Men’s roles in society include (not all inclusive), Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Faithful, Supporter, Worker, Leader, Protector, Lover, and Provider.

Some issues for men today wen can talk about (not all inclusive):
Lack of respect
Lack of love
What is masculinity
Who are our role models
How do we support sons and daughters
How do we support wives
How do we help extended family
Ways to deal with challenges in life
Over sexualized media today
What does it mean to be a protector?
Why is pornography rampant in today’s society?
Workplace issues
What use to be good is now bad???
What use to be bad is now good???
Why are Ethics, Morality, and Legality often different?
What does Chivalry have to do with Christianity?
I’ve heard Chivalry is dead? What does that mean?
Work place violence
Are men the boss or a partner in a marriage?
Issues Disciplining children?
Can I be a good Husband and Father by saying do what I say! (implied don’t do what I do!)
What is the contrast between equitable and equal relationships between men and women?
What is the role of women and the role of men in a work place environment?  Dating?  Marriage?  Children?

As you can see there are a lot of potential issues in life and many more that men need to navigate. Sometimes it is enough to do what your parents did but sometimes it helps to talk through issues with other Men that have had to deal with similar issues.

It is also helpful to gain insight from sage figures in your life. We will meet each month to encourage men to discuss and clarify their masculinity in body, mind and spirit.  No topic is off limits.  The men’s group is a safe environment to express feelings.  Feelings are neither right nor wrong.

We will also examine issues from a Chivalric Christian viewpoint as well as discuss legal and ethical concerns. So having an overview from different life perspectives might help make sense issues men have overcome.

All men 18 and older welcome. While this a Christian sponsored group, men of all faiths or no faith are welcome!

Join It is free to sign up and RSVP for meetings. There is no cost to members for this group. We provide the meeting place and refreshments.

Monthly meetings will take place at the First United Methodist Church at 2115 Camino Del Rio South, in Mission Valley Sundays 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Contact Fr. Jerry (side bar) to RSVP or our Meetup page ( for schedule and RSVP.

Sponsored by  St. Francis and St. Tarcicius Catholic Church, a Parish of the Catholic Apostolic National Church

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